NAD+ is arguably one of the most restorative and anti-aging treatments available today. Think of it as the fire starter to hundreds of reactions — without it, our body can’t function properly. Essentially, we need NAD+ to live.

It is estimated by the age of 40 that up to 50% of NAD+ stores have been depleted and by the age of 60, up to 80%; and so, repleting levels of NAD+ have widespread benefits. A powerful dose can greatly improve your energy levels, neurological function including learning and memory, protect your cells and DNA from damage, restore balance to your neurotransmitters, detox your systems after substance abuse, promote mitochondrial integrity (energy producing capacity of our cells), and even improve our sleep and mood.

NAD+: Essential for Cellular Defense and Repair

Our cells are constantly under attack. Each day we accumulate quadrillions of new mutations in DNA, both from outside attackers like infection and alcohol and from the daily breakdown of food and air known as “metabolism.” Our bodies have powerful defenses to halt and repair this cellular damage that accumulates over time, and all defense and repair systems in your body require energy. To use energy to power your defense systems, your body needs an intracellular supply of NAD+ in order to move electrons around.

When NAD+ levels are low, cells have a harder time producing and moving the energy they need to function at their best.

Stronger Metabolism Equals More Resilience

Sirtuins play a key role in regulating our body’s metabolism and cellular health. That’s why they are a major focus of new healthy aging research. We do know that NAD+ operates sirtuins, and nicotinamide riboside activates them.



The most potent way to boost NAD+ in the body and brain. We offer individual IVs and packages of NAD+.

Super Mito Fitness Peptide

This powerful peptide combination of NAD+, MOTs-C and Humanin. This is the ultimate in mitochondrial enhancement. This a great protocol for any looking to feel and perform their best. Each subcutaneous injection combines these mitochondrial boosters to aide with: Improving insulin sensitivity, Fat burning, Physical endurance, Cognitive enhancement and Longevity.