The LYV difference

We combine precision and anti-aging medicine with the most advanced regenerative and preventative therapies. We offer the most in-depth and bio-individual healthcare possible. Experience our biology upgrading therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ozone sauna, red light, CRYO, medical grade IV's, NAD+ , PEMF, Nanovi + more.

energy, health and healthspan

Optimize Athletic Performance

Timeless Beauty

Defy Aging & Improve Quality of Life

Improve Energy, Sleep & Brain Function

Identify Health Risk & Prevent Disease

Recover & Regenerate

meet our medical team

Jermey Stich, MD.
Dr. Stich began his career in emergency medicine, before several personal and familial health related experiences led him to seek alternative ways to pursue health. Dr. Stich is an expert in nutrigenomics.

Sherri Whitaker, NP
Sherri began her career in internal and hospital medicine, prior to transitioning to functional or root cause medicine. Sherri is an Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) Certified Practitioner.


Nakeisha Robinson, RN
Janna Powell, RN
Natalie Brewer, RN


Kayla Barnes Co-Owner & Robert George, Founder, Co-Owner

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