At LYV, we are committed to offering you cutting-edge health information, so each month, we will select a topic that we feel is a game-changer. Let’s review Ozone Therapy.

Ozone therapy has been studied for over 150 years but is just now gaining popularity for its incredible benefits.

Athletes use ozone therapy to enhance performance. Chronically ill patients use it for fighting diseases like cancer, Lyme, and celiac. High performers use it to power up cognitive function, slow aging, and supercharge their energy.

Ozone Therapy works by stimulating the body toward self-regulation and homeostasis. Ozone therapy helps your body repair and heal. It stimulates the same pathways as exercise and intermittent fasting do!

Let’s review some of the ways that we can use ozone therapy.

IV Ozone

IV Ozone therapy helps in the production of antioxidants which inactivates free radicals reducing the oxidative stress caused by them. Reducing this oxidative stress helps keep you young and vibrant. This is another key benefit IV ozone therapy delivers. It slows down aging at the cellular level.

Ozone Sauna

This relaxing 30-minute session is what we call the ultimate detox. Our ozone sauna combines several powerful therapies such as PEMF, sauna, ozone, and light therapy.

Localized Ozone + Ozone Shots

Local treatments benefit specific regions, like the mouth, foot, or vagina. They are commonly used in specific areas for eradicating infections and speeding healing time. Ozone shots can be used to reduce cellulite, break up scar tissues, and help heal old injuries.